Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two weeks of shows in one post

I just realized I didn't write a blogpost for last week's show, so I'll combine two weeks of shows into one post.

First, last week's show (Saturday, April 5).
Cassie and I welcomed special guest Brian Metzer, host of "Penguins Live" on NHL Net Radio, contributing writer and co-host of "Pens Week" on Tribune Radio in Pittsburgh, Pens writer for the Beaver county Times, and a lifelong Pens fan. We chatted about how to remain relevant as a journalist in a sea of bloggers, his favorite forms of new media, hockey and, of course, the Pens. It was a lively, albeit abbreviated show, as I forgot to double check the total run time for the show and we ended up being live for 30 minutes, with an extra 15 minutes of podcast time.

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Now, to today's show:
Cassie and I commandeered the entire hour ourselves, but we had a lot to talk about:

1. Ryan Malone's arrest on DUI and cocaine possession charges
2. NCAA "Frozen Four" finals preview + crazy game-winning goal in the Minn/UND game
3. NHL playoffs picture, including our Stanley Cup Finals team predictions (Cassie: Kings vs. Lightning; Su: Blues vs. Penguins)

And a lot more I can't remember without going back and listening to the show. Check it out. You'll like it. I know you will. And don't forget to send us your picks. You can include them in a comment below, tweet us: @CCPTHockey | Cassie: @dagmar27 |  Su: @Motley_Su or chime in on our Facebook page: CCPT Hockey Show 

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  1. (old man rambling) I remember before and during the '04 lockout...there were about a dozen of us hockey bloggers. Once the lockout ended, it suddenly exploded to about 100, and then took off... it was so strange. :)

  2. You can't swing a cat nowadays without hitting at least 3 hockey blogs...