Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday, October 11 - CCPT Hockey Show: The "No Boundaries" Edition

Cassie and I launched the FIFTH season of CCPT Hockey Show this morning with a short, 30-minute episode that happened to feature stories about players and writers not knowing or recognizing their boundaries.

The NHL season started on Wednesday with two games, followed by 12 games on Thursday and one game on Friday. Today, all 30 teams are in action but a number of games begin at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Oh, to have 10 TV's stacked up together, each showing a different game.... 

We also talked about:

  • The Denver Post suspending Avalanche writer Adrian Dater for two weeks without pay, following Dater's pretty heated rant about LA Kings d-man Braydon McNabb's hit on Av's prospect Joey Hishon BACK IN 2011. Things quickly went from bad to worse, as Dater took on everyone who disagreed with either his opinion or his choice of language. The Denver Post said it suspended him over "inappropriate" language. (You can say THAT again).
  • Adirondack Flames' forward Trevor Gillies' attack on Rochester Americans' rookie William Carrier during last night's game. It's one thing to lay a big hit, It's something completely different to knock a guy down then BASH HIS FACE INTO THE ICE. Gillies racked up 27 penalty minutes and was automatically suspended for tonight's game. I don't think that goes far enough. Cassie and I both agree - THAT kind of play should result in automatic EXPULSION from the league. Gillies has been around long enough to know better. Hell, a 12  year old should know better.
  • Former (current?) Flyers star Chris Pronger joining the NHL's Department of Player Safety. We both have opinions about this, but we both agree it's a pretty shrewd (smart?) move on the NHL's part to hire someone who has lots of experience on the receiving end of consequences for questionable plays (bad choices?). We'll see how that turns out.
  • Speaking of questionable plays, one of our favorite d-men, Lightning (former Silvertips) d-man Radko Gudas laid a big one on Scottie Upshall during Thursday's TBL vs. FLA game. So far, Radko has receive a warning but no penalty and no follow-up discipline for the hit. You can watch and judge for yourself.
Here's the podcast:

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We're excited to be back on the air and have lots of fun stuff planned this season, as well as some very special guests. We also plan to have a writer for every NHL (and other hockey league) team join us this season. Let's see how much success we have with that. 

What do YOU want to hear from us this season? Share your ideas and guest suggestions (within reason!) Connect with us:

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday, May 31: NHL playoffs, trade rumors, injuries, Seattle team name suggestions + more

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As the NHL season winds down, one would think there would be fewer topics to fill an hour show, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Cassie and I managed to fill an hour live, plus 27 bonus podcast minutes (podcast is above), talking about the following topics:

NHL Playoffs:
1. Rangers/Canadiens series
a. Dustin Tokarski's grand incredible debut for Montreal
b. Derek Stepan's quick return to the ice, mere days after having his jaw broken by Brandon Prust (and being a productive, scoring machine!)
c. Projected ticket prices for SCF games at Madison Square Garden (thanks to Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy for writing about this topic. We used your story as the jumping off point of this topic. Some fans may feel like jumping off the GWB when they see how much they may have to shell out for just one seat)
2. Kings/Blackhawks series
a. It's gettin' crazy up in here!
b. Game 7 tomorrow night in Chicago... who will prevail. Cassie shares some interesting thoughts about this.

(Photo: NHL/Getty Images)

(Photo: NHL/Getty Images)

(Dustin Tokarski/Montreal Canadiens - Photo: NHL/Getty Images)

NHL Trade Rumors:
1. San Jose Sharks - namely, Joe Thornton. What's going on? Will the organization part ways with its longtime team captain? (99% speculation and conjecture. And I probably insulted every athlete over the age of 30).
2. Montreal Canadiens - namely, Dustin Tokarski. With the kind of performance we just saw from him in the series against the Rangers, does he remain a backup? Cassie and I both believe he would be wasted in a backup role. What do YOU think?

NHL Injures:
See: NHL Playoffs, 1.b. - Derek Stepan
(I ranted for a few minutes about how players are putting their long-term health at risk by returning to the ice way too soon after suffering an injury. I understand it's the playoffs, but the mom in me is rearing her ugly head here.)

(Derek Stepan in full face mask to protect broken jaw - Photo: NHL/Getty Images)

NHL to Seattle, by way of the NBA:
1. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plunks down $2 Billion (with a "B") to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. The sale is contingent upon approval from the NBA Board of Governors, owners, and whoever else has a stake in this. I have opinions about this, but I'm not gonna rant here. Just listen to the podcast.
a. What does Ballmer's move mean for the Chris Hansen arena group? Chris isn't worried. Read more from his website by clicking here. BTW, if you've ever dreamed of owning a pro sports team and have a lot of coin in the bank, he's looking for a few good investors with clout.
b. The newest (and by far, the WORST) suggestion for a Seattle NHL team name. Cassie posted it on her Facebook page and as soon as I saw it, I threw up a little in my mouth. Two guys decided to create a mock-up of uniforms bearing the name: Seattle Sea Lions. If an NHL team comes to Seattle and they do decide to name it that, I'm not sure I can support the team. There's NO WAY you'll get me to yell, "GO, SEA LIONS" in any form or fashion. 

Seattle Sea Lions unis - in one word: NO. (Artwork: Matthew McElroy & Dylan Alexander)

TJ Oshie's annual celebrity golf tournament to benefit Seattle Junior Hockey.
When: Friday, July 11, Noon
Where: Mill Creek Golf & Country Club
The St. Louis Blues star has never forgotten where he started playing the great game and does what he can to give back to the program that's still giving so many youngsters their first foray into hockey.  Click here for more info about the event, and to register. Lots of surprise guests, auction items, prizes and the golf course is gorgeous.
Follow TJ on Twitter: @OSH74

We also talked about a few people on the show, mostly in "shout out" fashion, because we admire or downright LOVE them for various reasons. I may not have gotten all of them down here, so you'll have to listen to the show to check. If you find your name below, consider it a hug or fist-bump from us, depending upon how well we know you (and you know us). The list is in no particular order, mostly because I can't remember the order in which we discussed them:

Lyle Richardson (@SpectorsHockey on Twitter): We love Lyle for more reasons than we can name here. He's an incredible and well-respected hockey mind, yet he still chooses to join us regularly on our show. He's got a great wit and an even greater passion for the sport. He's our defacto "Third Host" of the show, and his website is well worth bookmarking: Do it now. I'll wait.

Ray Marcham (@rmarcham on Twitter): Ray is one of the foremost hockey minds here in Washington State. He has so much historic information stored in his brain, he could write at least 6 books about the history of hockey in the Pacific Northwest and still have enough info left over for 6 more. Get writing, Ray! Share that knowledge with the rest of us!

Mike McKenna: goaltender for the Springfield Falcons, the Columbus Blue Jackets' AHL affiliate. Cassie brought him up on the show today, lauding him for his insightful live game tweets during the NHL playoffs. He provides a goalie perspective, as well as overall player insight, and also shares little tidbits and "fun facts," including one about Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford teaching him all the good French-Canadian swear words. ("And he's not even French!"). 
You have two ways to follow Mike:
1. His personal account: @MikeMcKenna56
2. His live game tweet account: @McKennaInGame

Justine aka "Juice in LA," the founder of our show. Listen to the podcast to learn more about her, and follow her on Twitter: @alajuice. She'll like you even more if you're a Red Wings fan.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Recap of TWO shows: Saturday, May 17 & Saturday, May 24

Sorry- my brain hasn't been in the game lately and I completely forgot to write a recap of last week's show with guest (and good friend) Lyle Richardson from Spector's Hockey. So... I'll briefly recap that show as well as today's show.

Last week:
Lyle joined us to chat about the NHL playoffs, the firing of GM Ray Shero by the Penguins, and his favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens. In fact, there was a lively exchange between Lyle and Cassie about the Habs and why she doesn't want them to win the Cup. (all in good fun, people!). We also chatted about the post-series handshake brouhaha surrounding Milan Lucic (Bruins), who reportedly threatened to kill several Habs. This is the same Milan Lucic who wrote a book for kids about how NOT to be a bully. (Is this what we would call "irony?")

Connect with Lyle:
Website: Spector's Hockey
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Twitter: @SpectorsHockey

Here's the podcast link: 60 minutes LIVE + 20 minutes of bonus time:

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This week:
Cassie and I chatted about the Kings/Blackhawks and Rangers/Habs series in the NHL playoffs, and the increasing nastiness in the NY/Montreal series (Stepan's jaw broken, Prust suspended 2 games for the hit on Stepan, Carcillo suspended 10 games after hitting a linesman who was restraining him when he wanted to go after Prust for hitting Stepan).

We also chatted about Worlds, including the coaching controversy surrounding the Russia/Sweden game (click on the link for the video); Memorial Cup Finals, which will feature the first WHL team (Edmonton Oil Kings) to make the finals since the Spokane Chiefs won in 2008 (who can forget the memorable trophy "presentation" that followed?). Edmonton will play the Guelph Storm of the OHL.

Our show was cut short because BlogTalkRadio keeps defaulting to 30-minute episodes. I think I've fixed it, but, who knows? Today's podcast runs 45 minutes total (30 minutes live + 15 bonus minutes). Here's the show:

New Sports Internet Radio with CCPTHockey on BlogTalkRadio

Want to suggest a guest/topic/yourself for the show? 
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday, May 3: Special Guests: Andy Eide, John Barr & Lyle Richardson

JAM-PACKED show today!

Cassie and I welcomed Andy Eide, Seattle Thunderbirds writer for 710 ESPN Seattle at and contributor to The Hockey Writers; John Barr, who runs the site NHL to Seattle and is co-host of the 2nd Annual Hockey Hangout at The Angry Beaver in Seattle; and our good friend and the show's frequent "third host" Lyle Richardson from Spector's Hockey and a bunch of other hockey sites.

We took a "round robin" approach to today's show to keep things in some semblance of order, with topics including:
  • NHL to Seattle talk, and why a team in Seattle would be beneficial to the city AND to the NHL
  • 2nd Annual "Hockey Hangout" - May 10 at The Angry Beaver in Seattle. The event begins at 7:00pm & $5 ticket price benefits the Oso Landslide Relief Fund. Click here for tickets.
  • NHL playoffs so far - which serie(s) are providing the most excitement and which teams they believe will play in the SCF
  • Racism in sports, including how the media should cover stories like LA Clippers' owner Donald Sterling's recorded rants to his mistress, and ugly twitter rants against P.K. Subban
  • NHL coaching vacancies: biggest surprises, biggest needs for teams looking to hire
NOTE: As part of the "racism in sports" chat, I quoted from Rosie DiManno's well-researched column in The Star.

Follow these great hockey minds (and click on the links above to reach their websites):

Andy Eide - @AndyEide
John Barr - @NHLtoSeattle  Facebook:  NHL to Seattle 
Lyle Richardson - @SpectorsHockey  Facebook: Spector's Hockey

Here's today's show, which includes 30 extra minutes of podcast coverage and well worth listening to:

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday, April 19 - Special Guest: Sean Leahy from Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog

Cassie and I welcomed Sean Leahy (@Sean_Leahy) from Yahoo's Puck Daddy Blog (@YahooPuckDaddy) to share his unique insight into the NHL playoffs match-ups. He gave his picks for each of the match-ups, as well as the two teams he's picked to get to the finals, plus, the ultimate winner (hint: think Roy Scheider). Sean also chatted with us about a couple of "colorful" stories stemming from the playoffs (what's playoff hockey without "colorful" stories?), including the dye-job by several Flyers players, and the $25,000 crotch grab seen 'round the world. 

Click on the player below to listen to the entire show, which includes 15 minutes of extra content, during which Cassie and I try to wax poetic about the power and pressure that comes with bestowing a player with the "C." 

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We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know what you think about any of the topics discussed on today's show. Share YOUR picks for the playoffs, as well as your final two teams & the overall winner. We're keeping track and the winner(s) will receive some type of hockey-related prize.

Connect with us:

Facebook: CCPT Hockey Show

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Because we love to make things easy for you, here are the Round One match-ups:

Ducks vs. Stars 

Sharks vs. Kings 

Bruins vs. Wings 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two weeks of shows in one post

I just realized I didn't write a blogpost for last week's show, so I'll combine two weeks of shows into one post.

First, last week's show (Saturday, April 5).
Cassie and I welcomed special guest Brian Metzer, host of "Penguins Live" on NHL Net Radio, contributing writer and co-host of "Pens Week" on Tribune Radio in Pittsburgh, Pens writer for the Beaver county Times, and a lifelong Pens fan. We chatted about how to remain relevant as a journalist in a sea of bloggers, his favorite forms of new media, hockey and, of course, the Pens. It was a lively, albeit abbreviated show, as I forgot to double check the total run time for the show and we ended up being live for 30 minutes, with an extra 15 minutes of podcast time.

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Now, to today's show:
Cassie and I commandeered the entire hour ourselves, but we had a lot to talk about:

1. Ryan Malone's arrest on DUI and cocaine possession charges
2. NCAA "Frozen Four" finals preview + crazy game-winning goal in the Minn/UND game
3. NHL playoffs picture, including our Stanley Cup Finals team predictions (Cassie: Kings vs. Lightning; Su: Blues vs. Penguins)

And a lot more I can't remember without going back and listening to the show. Check it out. You'll like it. I know you will. And don't forget to send us your picks. You can include them in a comment below, tweet us: @CCPTHockey | Cassie: @dagmar27 |  Su: @Motley_Su or chime in on our Facebook page: CCPT Hockey Show 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday, March 29: NHL & WHL playoffs + is Boston the real deal... and why are Leafs fans so damn likeable?

This morning's show featured not enough coffee for me, which led to not being able to read well and in turn, making some comments that could be construed as funny, but will most likely be taken as fairly stupid.

Cassie came to my rescue and we had a lively chat about a number of hockey-related topics, including:

What's wrong with Vinny Lecavalier
What's up with Martin St. Louis?
What's the deal with NHL's new playoff "wild card" system?
Are the Bruins the real deal or are we about to see the wheels come off that wagon?
Why are Leafs fans so damn likeable?
Wang open to selling majority share of Isles - good or bad thing?

Here's the podcast. Count up the mistakes I (Su) make during the show and tweet them to me: @Motley_Su. Your prize: a shout out on next week's show... or the chance to join us a 3rd co-host for a show. 

Follow my more knowledgeable co-host Cassie McClellan -> @dagmar27 and follow our show: @CCPTHockey 

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